How to sell more online

How to attract customers?

What if I told you that by working on your new online shop, you could already get new customers?You have an online shop and want to recruit new customers at low cost?

The secret is to build a mailing list. How to build a mailing list without spending too much money Anyone who knows me knows how much I like to work in stages.

I truly believe that when we do things with a certain understanding and order, we can create wonderful things.When I build a shop for my client, I give them "homework". I give them a little course (sample slide here) that explains step by step how to create one of the most important assets... a list of prospects...

Admittedly, he doesn't have a website .... yet 🙂

On theday of the site's launch, my client addresses his customers by e-mail and manages to get sales by e-mail before he even starts advertising. You can imagine how happy the client is...

Whether you have a website and are a successful business owner or just starting out, whether you are a service provider or sell products, this strategy is recommended and available to everyone.

So where to start?

We want to give our customer something of value. Something that solves a particular problem for them or something that they are particularly interested in. We can do this through a guide, a blog, a checklist. Something that will touch them, that will pique their curiosity and they will want to know more.

When will we use this strategy?

  1. Initial strategy - If you are just starting to build a shop, we don't have much to start with, we don't have any customers who know us yet and no brand awareness. We can start with a sponsored promotion, we may have a good time there, but we may also run into difficulties. We want to start working with an audience that already knows us or at least knows us from the emails we have sent. In which we would provide some kind of solution to the problem they are suffering from ... and the easiest way is for them to trust us.
  2. Ongoing strategy - We are pursuing this strategy throughout the life of our brand, as we want to drive email sales. It's important to understand that this is our source and basis for creating a loyalty and incremental sales mechanism, it's actually our organic source. If we have fewer likes on Facebook, for example, our emails can "cover" and balance things out.
  3. Conclusion: Even if it is a new or old brand, it doesn't matter, we will use this strategy throughout the brand's journey for the rest of the business that we do.

What does the strategy mean?

We will give value to the prospect and in return we will receive their email and at the same time we will also build an audience that we want to work with now.

So, at the beginning, he will join our business page, our group, start to give us likes and by creating a situation where a customer doesn't know us at all, we end up with a customer who will recommend us, he will share our publications and one day may become our customer.

In addition to the free access, if it helps, they will express a little more interest in our brand and at that point why not start selling to them directly through another email or through targeting ads, Facebook for example?

What to write about?

If your business has been around for a while, you will already know what your customer's weaknesses are or what to offer them.

When you start a business, it is not easy to know because we have just started.

In this case, we will need to explore the field in depth, join groups, ask questions, be active, see what we are talking about, what the repetitive keywords are, and more.

In addition, we can use sites like google trends or buzzsommo to discover articles with high engagement.

So how can we do this?

The easiest ways are via a blog or Facebook posts, but it is important to remember that these will not collect emails.

Therefore, if we want to build a mailing list effectively, we will have to give value by offering a "customer gift".

Such as: Check List, 5 tips for ..., 5 ways to ... This will be presented as a pdf file which you can make completely free using Google Slides for example.

Or by blog as here:

Initial steps:


1. Writing a PDF document

2. Building the infrastructure: setting up custom Facebook audiences for your landing page and your registration and thank you page.

3. Uploading an article on social networks with the Guide: You can incorporate a main banner with a download button, don't forget to include a link to the landing page.

4. Regular post: "Anyone who wants a guide is welcome to sign up and send it..."

5. Sponsored advertising: creating a main campaign on Facebook (the emails are saved as an Excel file in your company profile, then you import the list into the email software you are working with).

What is your method of recruiting new low-cost customers for your business today?

Are you considering upgrading your existing shop to a game-changingplatform
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Tamara Masson

Tamara is the founder of TAMARA AGENCY, Certified Shopify Expert France.